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Happy Madness Day and I Submitted Sumthing for it =P

2007-09-22 01:26:21 by Erreip199

Happy Madness Day people =P i colaborated to it

Hope u did also people =D time to enjoy MADNESS!!!


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2007-09-22 21:41:14

Good job and congrats on the short time it was on the Front Page!

-Matt Alba

Erreip199 responds:

hahaha i didnt knew it was there till i read a review by mind chamber i was like HOLY CRAP!!!


2008-01-08 20:53:51

make a new post. youre cool.

Erreip199 responds:

i will when i have sumthing to inform lol


2008-02-01 00:29:03

BTW happy birthday yesterday XD


2008-02-01 00:29:22

oops i mean 2 days ago.

Erreip199 responds:

lol thx man =P